[Insert a spectacularly warm greeting here.]

Hey y'all! This is my first blog post to get started on the whole schbang! I think that's how you spell it...


I thought I'd just start out by saying hello and that I'm excited to find new books to read! First thing's first: I never expected to be a fan of ebooks - I love the solid feel and smell of books so it's just too hard to completely go digital. However, because we are now in the "digital age," it is in my best interest to begin transitioning myself into some ebooks (but not all of them.) I mean, I already use ebook versions of my university textbooks so I guess that's a baby step, eh?


Anyways, I tend to ramble on about whatever and whenever so that should be a warning for what you'll see in my future posts. Hopefully, you guys will still like what I have to say whether it be on book reviews or questions about upcoming books. I'm trying to work on less abstract writing (compared to my WordPress) so fingers crossed that this book blog will do that for me.


Here's to all the page-turners!